Naukovyi Chasopys №71

Title page


Balokha A. S. Means of three-subject didactics in the process of formation of future elementary school teacher natural competence

Beilis N. V. The phenomenon of German-speaking competence of students in Ukrainian secondary schools in the measurement of the community's cultural needs

Blahun S. S. The model of using interactive technologies in the process of teaching pharmaceutical terminology, botanical and chemical nomenclature of future pharmacists

Bozhko N. V. Theoretical fundamentals for the development of linguosociocultural competence of future foreign language teachers

Boichuk-Tovsta O. H. Formation of the emotional sphere of students in the process of their professional training

Bondarchuk A. Ya., Mischuk P. M. Innovative methods of vocal education and their role in forming the executive students of the vocalist

Boiarchuk S. I., Bubin A. O. Pedagogical practice as an important component forming the professional competence of future preschool education

Bulharu N. B. Basic aspects of the forming professional competencies of students in a technical higher education institution

Burchak S. O. Components of creativity of future math teachers

Butenko O. H., Riaboshapka O. V., Voiedylo O. V. Moral education of younger pupils: partnership pedagogy in the New Ukrainian school

Vinogradova N. M., Ding Yujing. Reflection of ancient Chinese values in the pedagogical practice of educational manager’s training in modern China

Vlasova I. V. Higher education funding of the United States of America

Haharin M. I. Modeling of the educational system of general secondary education institution

Halatsyn K. O. The essence of formation of communicative culture of students in the process of extracurricular work in higher technical educational institutions

Harhaun N. M. Formation of economic culture of younger specialists of electrical engineers in the professional training program in the college

Herasymenko A. S. The concept of moral autonomy of I. Kant in the historical and cultural discourse of pedagogical anthropology

Gonchar L. V. Innovative approaches in the professional training of future managers

Honcharenko O. V., Polianychko A. O. Gender education for boys and ways to optimize it

Honcharuk O. V. Research of motivation-valuable composition of preparation of future teachers of primary school to organization of leizure activities of pupils

Hrechanyk N. I. State of research about the problem of formation of cultural competence the future teacher for elementary school: domestic experience

Dehtiarova T. O., Diadchenko H. V., Skvarcha O. М. Cross-cultural aspectizing as the basis for establishing and developing communicational competence of the foreign students

Demianchuk M. R. System of vocational training of future junior specialists in nursing in colleges

Denysenko I. I., Tarasiuk A. M. Development of the students’ creative activity by means of foreign language in high school

Denysova A. V. Monitoring of educational services in professional development courses for professionals (vocational-technical) education

Yesipova O. O. Use of mind maps technology in training of future engineers-educators of computer profile

Ihnatieva O. L. Specific features of aesthetic education in agricultural establishments of higher education

Ishchenko L. V., Zhuravko T. V. Psychological and pedagogical features of formation of logic and mathematical competences of older preschools

Kanibolotska O. A. Structural components of readiness for continuous professional activity of foreign language teachers in modern society

Kapinus O. S. The use of contextual learning technology in shaping the future subject officer's professional personality

Kelemen R. Y. Structural-functional model of training of future junior specialists in law by means of interactive technologies

Kovalenko A. S. The role of flamenco in the development of guitar education in Ukraine

Kozihora M. A. The influence of the younger pupils’ temperament on the success of educational activity

Korzh H. I. Pedagogical conditions of the development of value-based attitude towards health by future civil security professional

Korolova L. M. Training of future teachers of primary school of the new Ukrainian school for the development of creative skills of elementary school children

Lozovenko O. A. Physics course at German technical university: general structure and didactic features

Lukianchuk M. V. Pedagogical conditions for the preparation of future primary school teachers for the formation of the creative abilities of younger pupils in the process of learning a foreign language

Martynets L. A. The essence of the concept of «innovation activity management of a general educational institution»

Mykhasiuk O. K. Criteria of effectiveness of public-state management of the general educational institutions

Molnar Т.І. Сross-cultural space of primary school as a field of interaction of subjects

Nozdrova O. P. Organization of the individual work of postgraduate students for the research activity in the process of learning pedagogical disciplines

Ohiienko D. P. Features of the training of future teachers of primary school for giving the creative master classes in the process of organization of leisure activities of pupils

Pylypenko V. V. Daily life of Ukrainian high school students in the 30–50s of the 19th century

Pyliavets M. S. Partnership as a strategic resource of innovative development of professional (professional-technical) education institutions

Pluschik E. V., Novosadova S. A. Forming orchestic thinking as a pedagogical problem

Popovych O. M. The mechanism of the practical construction of a sensory enhanced environment for younger children in the conditions of family and educational establishment

Pryshchepa O. P. Pedagogical conditions of future primary school teachers’ readiness formation for musical and educational activity in the context of an integrative approach

Radtenko O. В., Verchenko N. V. Structure of relations between and leaders in professional (professional-technical) education institutions

Rakitianska L. M. Cordocentrism of national music art as the basis of professional training of future teachers of music: emotional and intellectual discourse

Ramsey I. V., Aksynov V. V., Aksynov D. V. Methods of teaching basketball to students of institutions of general secondary education

Ryabenko M. I. Spirituality as the background to the academic integrity as subjects of educational relation in higher education institutions

Savchenko L. L. Intellectual development of children of the early preschool age as a component of mind development

Saltykova A. I., Zavrazhna O. M., Pasko O. O., Khursenko S. M. Astronomy in the training system of the future physics teacher

Svintsova P. O. Socio-pedagogical work with adolescents prone to offenses, in establishments of secondary education

Serhata N. S., Serhatyi M. O. Determining the level of physical preparedness of students: modular pedagogical control

Syvash S. V. Development of the creative potential of Ukrainian language and literature teachers: organizational and pedagogical conditions in the system of postgraduate pedagogical training

Tverdokhlib T. S. The role of bishop’s school and orthodox collegiums in development of national education (first quarter of the 18th century – the end of the 18th century)

Tymofieieva O. Ya. Learning autonomy in the English language learning process of future seafarers

Frumkina A. L. Psychological peculiarities of future primary school teachers’ training for interrelated educational and foreign language professional activities

Tsys O. O., Filatov S. V. Methodic of use the cad systems in the process of vocational preparation engineersand-pedagogues in transport area of expertise

Tsoma N. S. Peculiarities of traditional didactic principles in the study of informatic disciplines

Chala O. V. Criteria and indicators of formation of local lore competence of future geographers in the process of professional training

Shevchuk H. Y. Pedagogy of partnership in Ukraine: establishment and development

Yakymenko P. V. Preparation of future teachers of a foreign language for the specific training of high school students: a definitive analysis

Yakymenko S. I. Future primary teachers’ education training for the next formation of national-patriotic self-consciousness of senior preschoolers and junior schoolchildren

Yakubovska M. S., Stakhiv M. O. Discourse on the Practice of Life and the System of Competent Approach in the Practice of Person-Centered Education of the Present